Collaboration in construction is key


Headquartered in the Philippines, M.E. SICAT CONSTRUCTION, INC., a AAAA General Contractor licensed by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation, delivers a portfolio of high- profile infrastructure projects throughout the country with world- class capabilities spanning the whole client value chain.

As a proven leader in the construction of buildings, flood control, bridges and dredging, the company also delivers complex infrastructure projects including trenchless / micro-tunneling, sewer treatment facilities, desalination plants, water distribution systems, and drainage systems.

Furthermore, realizing the need to protect and rehabilitate the Philippine’s cultural and heritage sites, the company has partnered with esteemed historic experts on landmark conservation projects.



We are committed to making sure everyone gets to their home and families safe and healthy every day.


High-quality engineering by taking pride in delivering the expected value on time and within budget.


Our quality, health and safety and environmental management processes are externally validated and certified to the highest ISO standards.


M.E. Sicat Construction through MES Foundation commits to contribute sustainable development and poverty reduction. We have partnered with various government agencies to develop technical programs to educate and train beneficiaries to promote lifelong opportunities.